Samson, Pipis & Marsh, LLC

Effective December 1, 2011, “Samson Pipis & Marsh, LLC” have divided and restructured
their legal practice into the two individual firms of "Pipis Marsh Law, LLP" and “Samson & Vidergar, LLC."

The new firms and their respective partners can be reached at the following contact information:
samson & vidergar, llc
Attorneys at Law

Rick Samson:
Cyril Vidergar:

Telephone: 303-776-1169
Fax: 303-776-5444

Samson & Vidergar, LLC
pipis marsh law, llp
Attorneys at Law

Rich Marsh:
Mike Pipis:

Telephone: 303-776-8499
Fax: 303-776-5444